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“Our Vision is to open up new breakthroughs in pharma research with advanced XFI to establish faster health solutions access for mankind.”


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axiom insights was founded in 2019 and is a spin-off of the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg, one of the world's leading accelerator centers, and carries out its measurements there at the PETRA III synchrotron, one of the world's most brilliant X-ray light source. axiom performs its measurements & analytic studies there at the PETRA III synchrotron. Our office is based in the Innovation Village@DESY Research Campus in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, Germany. 

Together with the University of Hamburg (UHH), which has recently been awarded the status of a university of excellence, axiom is conducting research into further XFI measurement methods and drawing on its highly skilled resources for contract research. The UHH and the PETRA-III synchrotron facility are both on the same Research Campus as axiom insights, which improves project implementation and provides direct access to all required technologies and experts to fulfill customers' needs. A perfect environment to offer high quality services focusing on drug discovery, early drug development and pharmacokinetics. Measurement with the advanced XFI method on humans (in vivo human) is axiom’s next planned development step. 

The management team and the advisory board are made up of experienced managers with many years of expertise in research, industry, and science.

We offer new breakthrough insights as contract research organization (CRO) and welcome you to get in contact with us.


axiom insights Office @DESY Innovation Village