axiom insights is offering deep X-ray Fluorescence Imaging as an advanced & breakthrough tracking method for preclinical pharma R&D

Imagine if you were able to directly support your preclinical research process with a new method by directly tracking your drugs, drug carriers and immune cells over time in vivo and without any restriction in terms of depth.
Take one step further: What if you could find out using this same method how many of these entities are in which position - in the whole body? What new insights could you gain if you could see the immune response directly through the dynamics of the tracked immune cells? Or if it were possible to directly visualize the efficacy of an administered drug on the population of the relevant immune cells?

The use of X-ray Fluorescence Imaging (XFI) method from axiom insights GmbH makes all this possible!


XFI from axiom offers the simultaneous combination of all these advantages:

  • It has no imaging depth limitations (in contrast to optical fluorescence/bioluminescence)

  • XFI offers high sensitivity (higher than CT and MRI)

  • XFI allows several time points and arbitrarily long diagnostic time windows in one single animal (in contrast to PET/SPECT and ICP-MS), because XFI-markers have no finite lifetime like radiotracers

  • XFI allows high spatial resolution: in vivo typically 0.5mm-1.0mm, in special cases down to 0.25mm

  • XFI is non-invasive and thus allows for time series (in contrast to ICP-MS, histology)

  • Any chemical element between Zirconium and Neodym can be used as XFI marker for small-animal imaging

  • See more details here.


Short overview

axiom insights provides advanced X-ray Fluorescence Imaging (XFI) for ex vivo (in situ) and in vivo tracking of immune cells, biomolecules, antibodies and drug carrier without depth limitations.

Based on this method, we offer as Contract Research Organization (CRO) a customized on-demand measurement and analytic service to pharma & cosmetic industries, biotech companies and scientific research teams to secure preclinical pathways and open up new breakthrough in pharma R&D.

Advanced XFI from axiom is a unique combination of technical imaging possibilities that is now available for your R&D teams. Gain access to new data that were previously not accessible due to the limitations of other modalities.

Especially for in vivo tracking of labelled immune cells, we offer an unprecedented tool without depth limitations to directly see the immune response through the dynamics of the tracked immune cells for new insights into immune mediated inflammatory diseases, e.g. inflammatory bowel disease. This new data can help reducing significant R&D time and cost of preclinical trials for innovative pharmaceuticals (e.g. for immune mediated inflammatory diseases, autoimmune hepatites, nephritis and multiple-sklerosis, like inflammatory bowel disease) with increasing in-market time and higher ROI. 

If you need more material, please download our brochure here.